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ai ishq kahiN ley chal by Akhter Shiraani: Nazm for November 1997

abhi to maiN jawan hooN by Hafeez Jallandhari : Nazm for December 1997

tuloo-e-islam by Iqbal : Nazm for January 1998

eid-ul-fitr by Nazeer Akbarabadi : Nazm for Feburary 1998

political speecheiN by Maulana Hali: Nazm for March 1998

mera safar by Ali Sardar Jafri: Nazm for April 1998

sahaarey by Wamiq Jaunpuri : Nazm for May 1998

barhwaaN khilaRhi by Iftikhar Aarif : Nazm for June 1998

aman ka aakHri din by Ibne Insha : Nazm for July 1998

watan kay liye by Kaifi Azmi: August 1998

zarroN! qatroN! by Dr. Jagannath Azad: September 1998

gadhe ka qatal by Dilaawar Figaar : October 1998

Sahra by Mirza Ghalib : November 1998

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anam completes one year

maiN akelaa hi chala tha jaanib-e-manzil magar
log aatey gaye karwaaN banta gaya

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Yes it was a long journey but it would not have been possible wothout the support of all. There are so many people who wrote words of encouragement, suggestions and contributed to this site.

The year started with 'aawaara' by Majaz and ended by 'abhi to maiN jawaan hooN' by Hafeez. It has been a delight to post for the first time on the web works of poet like Majaz, Makhdoom, Sarvar Jahanabadi. That did not mean that i left more "popular" poet like Faiz, Sahir and Jigar. Altogether anam gave its reader a well balanced view of Urdu poetry which covered from love to a festival to just a season to freedom (or lack thereof). Poems which longed for the childhood to words intoxicated with the wine of youth.

We celebrated love with Makhdoom, escaped for love with Akhter Shiraani and Majaz used his love for changing a social order. We were prisoned with Faiz but never gave up hope. Josh and Jigar has taught us the meaning of life and love.

Firaq celebrated the Fall season and Sarvar longed for his childhood. Nazeer showed us the brilliance of Diwaali with his words.

When the Indian subcontinet was celebrating its 50 years of independence Josh made us to stop and think if we had really achieved freedom.

As is the case of Urdu poetry, there were more nazm dealing with love ( even though differnent aspects of love), but these nazms touched almost all the aspects of life. Next year will be same and we will explore more of Urdu poetry and in effect will explore ourselves.

Enjoy and ponder...

nazar-e-inaayat zaraa idhar bhi...

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