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This nazm is written by a beginner; her name is Mona. She calls her love for Urdu poetry "junoon". The nazm here is very simple and easy to follow and anyone can appreciate the simplicity of the thought.

But this shayara has a bright future ahead of her, an idea of her talent you can get from her this sher...

agar bhar do zehar ka pyalaa, hum bhi pi kay dekh laiN
agar iss kay aa-gay kuchH hai to woH bhi jee kay dekh laiN

kuchh to log kahteiN haiN...

kuchh to sun-kay haiN has-tay
to kuchh haiN ro-tay
te-ray me-ray qis-say ab bhi
haiN galiyoN meiN ho-tay
kuchh tu-jhay mu-jhay ilzaam de-tay haiN
kuchh tu-jhay mu-jhay nakaam keh-tay haiN
te-ray me-ray qis-say logoN kay
zubaan per aam reh-tay haiN
kuchh tu-jhay bewafaa keh-tay haiN
kuchh mu-jhay bewafaa keh-tay haiN
ishq kya balaa hai, log tera mera
naam le-kay keh-tay haiN
kuchh log tu-jhay badnaam kar-tay haiN
kuchh log mu-jhay badnaam kar-tay haiN
lekin ishq kay naam per
dono ko salaam de-tay haiN
kuchh log te-ray qabar per aa-tay haiN
kuchh log meri qabar per aa-tay haiN
hum phir jee uTheN-gay ek doo-jay kay
liye yeh dava kar-kay jaa-tay haiN

September 5th, 1998 :