Ibtada-e- Bazm March 2nd, 1997 

poems included in this bazm

naya saal mubarak: by Anurag Singh

Ghazal: by Amr Elahi Amer Malik

Ghazal: by Steve Almas

diwaan-e- Irfan: by Irfan Moinuddin

tera khayal: nazm by Shakil

madhur swapn: nazm by Harmohan Singh

a nazm in Urdu script: by Azher Ali Sheikh

TooTa hua dil : by Indu Verma 

to bharosa hai mujhay : by Bina 

gHazal : by kHayaal lakhnawi 

'ek aawaaz': by Vikas Nehru 

'rait aur haath': by Sheikh Amjad

gHazal : by Rajeev 

aik engineer ki gHazal : by Meenakshi

kuchh log kahteiN haiN : nazm by Mona 

gHazal : by Raffiq Sheikh 

dastak : nazm by Sujatha

woh aaye bazm meiN, itna to "meer" ne dekha
phir usske baad, chiragHoN meiN roshani na rahi


Bazm is a forum for contemporary Urdu poetry. It will publish Urdu poetry previously unpublished in any journal or written by amateur Urdu poets.

The poems selected for bazm will be added as a link to the left side of this page.

You are encouraged to e-mail me your poetry. Most of the poems will not be rejected but the webmaster reserves the right to refuse any submitted poem.

The poem presented here is entitled "Naya Saal Mubarak" by Anurag Singh of Lucknow, India. Anurag Singh is a poet of "Hindustani" which is a combination of Hindi and Urdu; according to Anurag half of the problems of Indian sub-continent can be solved if we resolve the language dispute between Hindi and Urdu.

Meaning of some of the words is given after the poem. 


Naya varsh
nayi ummidoN
nayi taiyariyoN
nayi shuruaatoN ke naam
parajay ki ghadhi mein bhi
vijay ke swapanoN ke naam
lagaataar lartey rahney ki
zid ke naam,
sankalpoN ke naam
jeevan, sangharsh aur srajan ke naam.

varsh= year
parajay= loss/ failure
vijay= victory
swapan= dream
sankalp= commitment
jeevan= life
sangharsh= struggle
srajan= creation. 

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