Treasure for Urdu

zabaan: the language

maktab: the school of learning

guftagu: let's talk

tahreer: the writing

urdu bazaar: buy Urdu books

aawaaz: the melody

lugHaat : the on-line dictionaries

tarjumah: the translation

risale: the publications

sukHan aur sukHanwar: poets and poems

kHush-kHat: word processors

waigHarah-waigHarah: et cetera

bandhan : links on other languages

The Indian Literature Index: by All India Pages
Kavyalaya: house of Hindi poetry
a list of Hindi and Urdu poets: by Yashwant Maliya
Learn to read Hindi: by UK- India
Hindi Literature : in Encyclopaedia Britannica
Bharat Darshan : a bi-weekly Hindi magazine

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anam Nazms

Aawara by Majaz:January 1997

Toor by Makhdoom:Feburary 1997

Nisaar main teri galiyon peh... by Faiz:March 1997

Umeed by Sahir: April 1997

Badlee ka chand by Josh Malihabadi:May 1997

Dil haseeN hai to... by Jigar Muradabadi:June 1997

Taraana-e-KHizaan by Firaq Gorakhpuri: July 1997

Maatam-e-aazadi by Josh Malihabadi: August 1997

Yaad-e-tiflee by Sarvar Jahanabadi: September 1997

Diwaali by Nazeer Akbarabadi: October 1997

ai ishq kahiN ley chal by Akhter Shiraani: November 1997

abhi to maiN jawaan hooN by Hafeez Jalandhari: December 1997

tuloo-e-islam by Iqbal : January 1998

buy books online

Masterpieces of Urdu Nazm : by K.C. Nanda

Development of Urdu Poetry: by Saraswati Saran

Life and Poetry of Sara Shagufta : by Amrita Pritam

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This page is a treasure of web sites on all aspects of Urdu. Keep returning here as this list will be updated regularly. If you have an interesting site for Urdu please let me know.

This page is getting more than 2500 hits every months see the stats. for this page.

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anam- pahla  safaH bazm- a forum for contemporary Urdu poetry khazana- a treasure for Urdu lovers write to kashif- the webmaster

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urdu hai kisska naam ?


The Beauty That Is Urdu: by Iftikhar Ahmed

Abhay ka aashiyana: the home of Urdu on the web

History of Urdu poetry : by Anisur Rahman

History of ghazal: by Uma Ramamurty

Ibn-e-safi : of "jasoosi duniya" fame

A Sher A Day - famous series by Abhay Avachat : archive by U.V. Ravindra


Urdu on-line: an introduction to the Urdu alphabet

Learn Urdu: by UK-India

Urdu ka Qaida: Software programs for beginners in Urdu

Urdu 101 : Urdu at University of Alabama


alt.language.urdu.poetry: Urdu poetry and discussion about it, in this news group

bazm-e-urdu: a forum for contemporary Urdu poetry


Urdu ka jaal: watch out netizens here comes Urdu

Urdu ka safaaH: Page on Urdu, in Urdu

Dabistan-e-Urdu: weekly selection of Urdu poetry

Galli Qasim : some ash'ar in urdu font

kuchh gHaleiN , chand nazmeiN : written by Sheikh Amjad

Urdu Ghar : Hamid Syed ka ghar

Web Page in Urdu Script: by Faisal Mahboob Chughtai

Shayari in Urdu Script: by Ahmad Safi

Some poems in Urdu script: by Tasneem Ahmad "urdu aashiq"

urdu bazaar

sang-e-meel Publishers : Urdu books published by them.

Urdu books by India Club : buy Urdu books on-line.


Kashish- a selection of ghazals: by Corum Radio Asia

Navrang Radio: some new colours...

Radio India : from Canada, live programming

Yeh aakaashwaaNi hai : All India Radio

All India Internet Radio: good selections

Internet ki Aawaaz news in Urdu

Digitized Pakistani Music: Ghazals and Qawwalis in Wave and AU format

Subah-e-Aazaadi by Faiz in his voice: thanks to Kashif Noorani


English to Urdu dictionary : by Waseem Siddiqi

another dictionary : by Navin Kabra

Dictionaries by Hippocrene Books, Inc.: Buy Urdu dictionaries here


Ghalib's yeh naH thi hamari qismat...: translation in English

abhi to maiN jawaan hooN: translation by Yogesh Sethi

some of Faiz translated : by Andrew McCord

Ghalib's hazaroN kHwahisheN aisi...: translation in English


Siasat- Urdu Daily: Published from Hyderabad, India

Urooj: Urdu daily

Jasarat : newspaper in Urdu font

Urdu press releases : from Press Information Bureau, India

Urdu Times: weekly on-line newspaper in Urdu

a nazm a month: every month a selected nazm to read

Khushbu - a magazine: a fragrance

Aghaaz: the newspaper from Pakistan

Phool - children's magazine: a flower

Akkas- Urdu daily: from India

sukHan aur sukHanwar

sukHan aur sukHanwar : click here for a list of sites on Urdu poets and their poetry


Urdu page composer for Windows: Urdu word processor

Sadaf: both DOS and Windows version available

Urdu Software Digest : another one

Katib : DOS based, pretty simple to use

Urdu wordprocessor and other softwares : by Inaam Alvi

waigHarah- waigHarah

People with Urdu mother tongue: in India

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anam- pahla  safaH bazm- a forum for contemporary Urdu poetry khazana- a treasure for Urdu lovers aalam-e-kashif- the webmaster