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gHazal aik engineer ki

The ghazal presented here is written by professional engineer Meenakshi Jha. Ghazal is written in a very simple style and easy to understand words. She is comaparing a country with a builiding structure and her message makes the point. Here is her introduction to this ghazal.
"I would like to share (with ghazal and poetry lovers) a ghazal which I had written few years ago. Being a civil engineer myself, I expressed my thoughts and pain using terms very familiar to a civil engineer in particular. However I am sure the spirit and soul (Rooh) of the ghazal will be appreciated even if one is not an engineer."

meraa mulk apna monolithic form kho raha hai,
ai-say unstable structure ka logoN kya kiyaa jaaye?

logon kay mazhabi jazbaat yield point tak aa gaye,
ai-say tensile stresses kaa logoN kya kiyaa jaaye?

parliament ka hur member redundant ho gayaa,
ai-say politically indeterminate structure ka logoN kya kiyaa jaaye?

logON kay diloN kay beech kay communication bridges TooT-nay la-gay,
in-kay weak foundations ka kya kiyaa jaaye?

insaan rait aur choo-nay kay bhaaw bik rahaa hai,
it-nay sas-tay material ka "Meenu" kyaa kiya jaaye?

July 10th 1998: